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Nanoreefblog.com offers niche aquarium information, product reviews, mini reef profiles and interviews with professionals and hobbyists from around the world all related to the nano niche of the marine aquarium hobby. In addition, we highlight and explore all the various methodolgies which can be applied to these little boxes of water.

It has long been considered that a reef aquarium should be a large project – however that isn’t the case thanks to advances in the hobby and the availibilty of all-in-one reef tanks. Thanks to the popularity of so called ‘nano reefs’, having a slice of coral reef in your home is a reality.

For most aquarium hobbyists, having a coral reef in one’s home could be considered the holy grail of the hobby. I firmly believe that none of the other sectors of this hobby come close to what a reef tank can offer. From the enormous array of fish, all the brightley coloured and shaped corals, soft, and hard, the allure of algaes through to the diversity that comes in the forms of other invertebrates like crabs, snails, shrimps and all the other wierd and wonderful creatures.

What makes a reef aquarium a nano?

Many hobbysts will spend hours debating what should constitute a nanoreef – we here at nanoreefblog simply see all displays under 55g (US gallons) as part of the nanoreef club.

The Contributors

Cerven ‘Curvball’ Cotter

CervenCotter_AquaticsLive2012_webCerven is the editor and founder of nanoreefblog.com. Having kept aquariums on and off since the age 8 years old, this now 32 year old hobbyist is well versed in various types of aquariums. His passion is SPS corals and the challenges of maintaining them in relatively small amounts of water. His professional background as a web designer and writer combined with his love for this hobby makes nanoreefblog.com the perfect extension of his personality.

Stephen ‘Owlbassboy’ Browne 

Stephen is a dedicated nano/pico reefkeeping hobbyist and is also the co-founder of thenanoreef.co.uk and azooxreef.com.

Special guest: Albert Thiel

There is so much that could be said about this great reefkeeping authority, from all the books he’s published through to the array of techniques and ideas he introduced to our hobby. Regardless, it is a great honour to have Albert as a special guest contributor as of February 2013.

Brandon Mason

Brandon has a unique passion for the smallest reefs ever since 2001… He is all about discovering new techniques to forward coral husbandry and aquarium science irrespective of it’s size.

If you would like to contribute, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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Product Reviews

I really liked your review, it was very honest with lots of info.
~ leading reef aquarium LED manufacturer

We provide honest and hobby relatable product reviews. We don’t offer scientific type in-depth reviews of products but opt to provide a hobbyist perspective that fellow hobbyists can understand and relate to. All reviews are completely unbiased regardless of how the review material is obtained, whether from an advertiser/sponsor or bought by a contributor.