Albert Thiel video interview by Thomas Brown

Interviews, Video | 9th April 2013 | 0 comments

Thomas Brown of ThomasVisionReef sits down with Albert Thiel to discuss The Nano Reef Aquarium book and a few other things.   Be sure to check out some of Thomas’s other aquarium related videos over on youtube.  

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The final part of the Albert Thiel interview

Interviews | 8th February 2013 | 4 comments

The following post concludes our interview with Nano Reef Aquariums author, Albert Thiel. If you missed the first part and introduction to the interview, you can can read it here. I am a firm believer in “research” and that is probably the most important thing any Hobbyist can do. Know everything there is to know […]

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(Re)Introducing aquarist, Albert Thiel, the interview (part 1)

Interviews | 5th February 2013 | 9 comments

If you’ve kept your ear to the ground, you will know that a great name in this hobby is making a comeback, so to speak. Albert Thiel is back in the reefkeeping spotlight and is about to unleash the most comprehensive book on nano reefkeeping our hobby has ever seen. Not only has Albert been […]

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Anthony Calfo talks nano reefs, LE corals and the current state of the hobby

Interviews | 15th November 2009 | 5 comments

Anthony Rosario Calfo was born in Hawaii and currently lives in Pennsylvania, doing aquaculture and working as an active writer, publishing books and magazines on aquatic science and other genres. He is a lifelong aquarist and an aquarium professional that has worked at almost every tier in the industry chain. Part of his journey has […]

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