100% waterchange timelapse of picOcean pico reef

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I am a lover of all things nano but the things I enjoy researching most are pico reefs and how to sustain them long term, the first person you obviously turn to when looking for info is brandon429 who posts over on nano-reef.com and owns the famous pico vase that we have showed here before. The main thing I gained from my conversations with Brandon is that heavy feeding and 100% waterchanges are key to healthy stock in a pico reef.

Here is my heavily fed tank (full cube of frozen red plankton in 12L of reef)
pico reef feeding

Here is the timelapse video I made using my phone of my 100% waterchange.

Do any of the readers do 100% waterchanges? If so please comment and let me know your tank volume and how long you have been running it for.

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Reefkeeper, tattoo collector and music fan. I am a nanokeeper from the start and I have a specific interest in azooxanthellae corals. Owner of UK forum, thenanoreef.co.uk

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7 Responses on 100% waterchange timelapse of picOcean pico reef

  1. Thats one way to do it! – a great vid, … may take a leaf or two from this!

  2. Ken Clark says:

    I do, I have a 3 gallon pico and a 7 gallon (still cycling). The pico is about 2.5 months old with a damsel, shrimp, cleaner crew and a couple of zoa frags and an LPS is all, still slowly letting it mature…

  3. JMGR33N says:

    Seeing how painless that whole water change was, it's kind of making me want to go pico rather that larger…

  4. Owlbassboy says:

    @ken if you have a damsel in a 3G I would definitely get the big water changes done as a damsel is pretty hard on a tanks bioload.

    @jim it was so painless that what you didn't see out of shot was me sitting with my feet up for part of it lol

  5. Brandon Mason says:

    Really great video OwlBassBoy

    want to know something funny

    this weekend I had time to do some power feeding/water changing once on Sat once on Sunday just to drive the tank well and perform some algae maintenance while drained. Well on the second round, if you can believe it, I had a phonecall right when my tank was drained and started yapping away and after 20 mins remembered my corals might like to be refilled


    harmless, everything this fine this happens a few times a year. Once I got distracted by a ringing doorbell and the same thing happened. Moral of the story-pico reefs are tough, your live rock is tough, your corals are tough, relatively speaking

  6. Owlbassboy says:

    Thanks Brandon, I heard a story once (can't remember the source so can't verify if its true) and a guy was fragging an sps colony one night and when finished he got all his frags nicely mounted and into the tank and forgot all about the mother colony but he stuck it back in the next morning and all was absolutely fine.

  7. yolanda says:

    thank you, this was super helpful, i had just heard about 100% wc’s and couldn’t figure out what that was about or how to do it (can you tell i’m a noob?). however a couple questions, #1 i think you don’t have any substrate, but i have fine sand. how do i keep from sucking up my sand and any snails/cerinths that might in them? and #2 i bought this in the mini size: http://tinyurl.com/lb249pg. is this the right thing to use or do you recommend the one you have instead?

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