AquaIllumination’s PowerPuck to unleash the full Vega potential

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US LED veterans, Aqua Illuminations, have recently updated their website and released some details about the ‘PowerPuck’. Check out this video showing off the very cool looking software.

From AI:

The AI Power Puck provides nearly limitless color combinations, allowing custom configuration of each individual Power Pucks as desired.

As you customize and change the location of your Power Puck, its adaptive capabilities intelligently tells our proprietary control system the location and type of each LED. This allows each color to have independent control regardless of quantity or position within a module.

The AI Vega will begin shipping this summer in our traditional silver/white as well as the popular black housing color combination. We will offer two standard Vega LED combinations: cool white, royal blue, and blue; as well as cool white, royal blue, blue, green, and deep red for those that would like a warmer color combination. Custom Power Pucks may be purchased through our Color Configuration tool.

More details here.

It would appear as if the ‘Reef Rainbow Race’ is in full swing now… my only question, will there be a Vega Nano unit?

AI Vega

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