Fistafiltration nano reactors for carbon, phosphate removing media and bio-pellets

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Fistafiltration have been really busy lately and following the release of their IDEAL nano aquariums, they have released a new nano reactor that can be used in sump or as a hang on filter.

Nano reactor Fistafiltration

Coming in at a height of 254mm (10″) this little reactor features a width of 60mm with an internal tube diameter of 16mm. The acrylic reactor has 2 x 12mm hose tail fittings (entry and exit) located at the top of the unit. The lid of the unit is sealed closed using 3 wing nut bolts which makes opening and closing the unit fairly easy, no tools required. Each unit also comes with a hang on bracket. A 650lph pump is recommended for those wanting to run GFO or carbon in one of these reactors, while a 1000lph pump will work if one was to use bio-pellets. Hopefully we’ll be able to give you a hands on review soon.

These units are now available in the UK and will set you back £35.99.

In more related news from Fistafiltration, we should be telling you about their new nano skimmers soon too.

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    Have you spotted the design flaw with these reactors?

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