IDEAL nano aquarium range details revealed

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We originally posted about the IDEAL range of nano aquariums from Fistafiltration. The full details have now been made available.

Each system comes with a Dymax XP-30 protein skimmer, a 50w heater for the 12″ cube while the 15″ and 18″ aquariums feature a 100w heater. Brand is still unknown. The 12″ tank uses a 400lph return pump while the two bigger sizes benefit from a 650lph circulation/return pump. Pump make is unknown.

The LEDs feature 7 x 10 000K chips along side 2 blues. Buyers can have a 2nd LED strip added and the two units will still be powered off a single power supply. other than the colour of the LEDs, no further information has been supplied but we’re hoping each strip runs a total 9 x 3w LEDs. Based on the original photos, the units might be running without lenses to ensure good colour blending. I’m also confident that Fistafiltration will offer custom LED arrangements to cater for those reefers who prefer the more blue look.

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3 Responses on IDEAL nano aquarium range details revealed

  1. Looking forward to seeing one of these nanos in action!

  2. i will be setting up an IDEAL 18 very soon.

  3. Scott Cameron says:

    Hi David spoke to you on a forum about your drop wall tank but im looking at setting up a nano in my kitchen but was after something In particular have you any info on your products and prices i will also share you’re company on all the forums im on as it all looks well made equipment thanks Scott Cameron

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