Innovative Marine nano reef goodness now available to UK hobbyists

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The UK nano reefkeeping market is about to get a lot more crowded thanks to ACS and Innovative Marine. The choice of different out of the box nano aquariums continue to rise and with Innovative Marine’s Nuvo range making an appearance in the UK, it would be fair to say making a decision is going be a little more tricky.

Here is a small list of available products and their recommended retail prices.

  • Nuvo Pico 4g White or Black – £149
  • Nuvo Nano 8g – £199
  • Nuvo Nano 16g White or Black – £349
  • Nuvo Micro 30g White or Black – £299 ( light sold separately )
  • Nuvo Mini 38g White or Black – £399 ( light sold separately )
  • SkimMate Protien skimmer 16g – £99 / 60g – £129

For more details and information on the Innovative Marine products, head over to their website.

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