Innovative Marine releases MiniMax all in one media reactor

News | 18th February 2013 | Article by Curvball | View comments (8)

Space is always a concern when dealing with a nano reef, and if you run an all in one system adding reactors, skimmers and other accessories can be a real squeeze. Most times your tank begins to look some horrific science experiment…

Innovative Marine, makers of the Nuvo nano range, know style, and have added a new media reactor in 2 sizes to their lineup. Not only does the MiniMax reactor look good, but it works very well in tight spaces.

• All-In-One Design — for use with Bio Pellets, GFO, & Carbon
• Made from quality cell cast acrylic — Bracket Included
• Smallest Form Factor
• Responsive Flow Control
• Low Power Consumption
• Double O-Ring Seal for Lid
• Offered in Desktop (150ml Max Volume Capacity) & Midsize (350ml Max Volume Capacity)
• Pump Included


Pricing and availability is currently unknown.

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Curvball is the editor and founder of Having kept aquariums on and off since the age 8 years old, this now 32 year old hobbyist is well versed in various types of aquariums. His passion is SPS corals and the challenges of maintaining them in relatively small amounts of water. His professional background as a designer and writer combined with his love for this hobby makes the perfect extension of his passions.

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8 Responses on Innovative Marine releases MiniMax all in one media reactor

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  2. Nick Hatton says:

    Looks like a great product. I'd love to sump my tank and hide my equipment in there. I'd definitely look to getting something like this.

  3. nano skimmer says:

    This looks very promising.

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