Introducing the ZEOvit all-in-one nanoreef – ZEOnano6012

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After a good few months of designing and working very closely with Fistafiltration, I’m extremely pleased to officially announce the arrival of the all in one ZEOvit based nano reef aquarium known as the ZEOnano.


The 12g / 60litre ZEOnano

The ZEOvit reefkeeping method and other popular ‘Ultra Low Nutrient System’ methods have slowly been filtering their way into the nano reef arena. My own current 12g system had been running successfully using the full ZEOvit method for just under a year (and then I went on vacation, and well, the tank is fairly bare at the moment, but that is for another post.) The small water volumes of nano reefs make implementing ULNS’s a little more difficult but nothing is impossible in this hobby.

Those of you familiar with the ZEOvit system will know one needs a reactor for the media, and these reactors have always been too large to fit in most nanoreefs, unless you are using a sump. The new ZEOnano series solves this issue by incorporating the reactor within the internal sump.

Although this system is centred around the ZEOvit method, as this is best ULNS in my opinion, it can just as easily be used with other ULNS such as the Fauna Marin and Brightwell menthods.

More details of the ZEOnano system will be revealed over the next few weeks along with availablity, prices and sizing.

If you’d like to learn more about the ZEOvit method, please join me over at

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Curvball is the editor and founder of Having kept aquariums on and off since the age 8 years old, this now 32 year old hobbyist is well versed in various types of aquariums. His passion is SPS corals and the challenges of maintaining them in relatively small amounts of water. His professional background as a designer and writer combined with his love for this hobby makes the perfect extension of his passions.

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11 Responses on Introducing the ZEOvit all-in-one nanoreef – ZEOnano6012

  1. Joost's reef says:


    But wouldn't a skimmer be needed for an ULNS? Can't wait for more info about the ZEOnano

    • Curvball says:

      @Joost's reef – yes, running a skimmer is required for ULNS – the ZEOnano has been built to incorporate the Tunze 9002 skimmer – the image in this post doesn't show the skimmer in place as it's undergoing a freshwater wet test. More details etc about this system will be posted soon.

  2. Michael says:

    Looking forward to more details on this system.

  3. Iwan says:

    The best ULNS system? Do you know how many people are leaving zeovit and go to another systems? Do you know what you are adding to the aqauarium water at all? How many zeovit products contain prodoucts for coral bleeching and starving,as well killing zooxantele.

    Do you know what products like zeospur 2 and even worse B-Balance do?

    Why it is forbbiden to use ozone?

    • Curvball says:

      Hi Iwan,

      Thanks for your comment. I can take it you're not a fan of the ZEOvit method – have you used it before? Please do share your experience.

      **The best ULNS system?**

      It is the original system, and the one that I personally see as the best.

      **Do you know how many people are leaving zeovit and go to another systems?**

      No, I don't know how many are giving up on ZEOvit, I know most stop using the system due dosing schedules and also fairly unforgiving situations if parameters sway. I however see many people trying zeovit these days than ever before. As for other systems, what other systems are you referring to? Other ULNS's?

      **Do you know what you are adding to the aqauarium water at all?**

      I'll be honest and say no, but I've seen the results of using this method and that is good enough for me. Do you know every single ingredient in the food you eat every single day? Does not knowing this stop you from eating that food?

      **How many zeovit products contain prodoucts for coral bleeching and starving, as well killing zooxantele.
      Do you know what products like zeospur 2 and even worse B-Balance do?
      Why it is forbbiden to use ozone?**

      Again, I don't have the answers to these questions, but have seen the results achieved with ZEOvit both personally and from numerous other aquarists.

      ZEOvit isn't for every reefkeeper – but that's the best thing about this hobby, you can achieve a beautiful reef with so many different methods.

  4. I think this sort of experiment will hold the keys to the best advances for nano reefs

    can't wait to see your outcomes

    If one can find a way to harness the colors the large reefs are achieving and sustaining and work it at the nano level, thats a pretty big deal

    Its also interesting to me that the nano reef environment itself might have new impacts for the zeovit system due to inherent differences among large and small systems. pretty much everything nano reef is an experiment, we're all in the same kettle lol

  5. Iwan says:

    I have worked on it in the last few years,all zeovit tanks lasts 1-3 years maximum,have you ever asked yourself why people are going to disassemble tanks and start all over again. I was many time witnessed how fast corals are going to be vanished,with strange RTN,even the parameters are all stable and in equilibrium.For example, go on the Zeovit forum and asked them why I can't use ozone in my tank while i am dosing Zeovit products?

  6. i used zeovit for quite a while. the only reason i gave up on it was due to price. i couldn't keep buying the additives at $50+ per bottle.

    as for the results, i loved them. i saw a vast improvement in my skimmer's performance, coral coloration, and polyp extension. i also saw all my algae die off, snail populations got huge, cleaner sand, and overall better water clarity.

    i think people who have problems with zeovit just don't quite understand how to use it. they overdose tremendously, don't follow proper procedure, and let their water parameters get out of wack.

    and some zeovit products do contain harmful elements like copper. but so does every salt on the market, to some extent. copper is a natural element in sea water and is something that corals do absorb. problems with occur when copper levels get too high.

  7. […] would like to thank David at Fistafiltration for all his input and help with putting this and the previous ZEOnano system together. If you’re interested in a ZEOnano system, please get in […]

  8. skinny skimmer says:

    where to buy it @ ???

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