Kickstart your nano reef aquarium with a MakersLED unit

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We’re happy to welcome MakersLED to the list of sponsors here on and to make them feel even more welcome, lets help them kickstart their LED project. Read on for details.

MakersLED is a unique light fixture that combines the supportability and affordability of a DIY light fixture with the professional look of a commercially produced fixture.

MakersLED Nano LED unit


MakersLED is excited to announce that they have locked in manufacturers to produce the MakersLED fixture. The design facilitates easy installation and assembly by using “t-slot” features that allow you to mount your led without drilling holes or tapping threads. The t-slot feature allows you to change the LED locations at any time during installation or upgrade of your fixture.

MakersLED has shown how you can build your own DIY kit for hundreds to thousands dollars less than commercial fixtures. Many online vendors offer kits including LEDs, power supplies, and installation instructions. These kits will get you up and running quickly when paired with the MakersLED housing.

The units will be available in 6in and 1ft segments, the MakersLED fixture is perfect for your Nano Reef tank. Other lengths are also available, up to 6ft.

Ordering starts here:

For the fixture to move forward into production at the target price, MakersLED must meet minimum order quantities with their manufacturers. This is where the Kickstarter campaign comes in. Kickstarter helps with all-or-nothing funding – which means, until the minimum order is made, no money will exchange hands. So what you got loose? Nothing, just perhaps you’ll gain a nice LED lighting unit.

Don’t forget to point your web browser at for additional information.

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