Maxspect offers new Razor LED unit to G2 owners

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Maxspect owners in the USA are in for a treat. Coralvue, US Maxspect distributor, is running an exchange programme for those users who currently own a Maxspect G2 unit. They can simply swop a G2 unit for one of the new Razor LED units.

  • Each G2-110w or G2-160w entitles to exchange for 1 R420R 120w 16000K
  • Each G2-170w or G2-230w entitles to exchange for 2 R420R 120w 16000K

Now this isn’t a direct swop from what we can see but those wanting to benefit from the upgrade will need to pay $249.99 plus shipping costs.


According to Coralvue, the exchange programme will last for about 6 months at the longest and afterwards all support will be dropped for the G2 fixtures.

This is an interesting move from this well known aquarium LED company, and who knows, maybe other companies will follow suit as LED technology continues to leap forward making last months ‘new’ fixture obsolete already.

Perhaps other Maxspect distributors will follow Coralvue’s lead and offer the same swop option.

More information on the Maxspect Exchange Program can be found here.

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