Pair of hybrid Blue Line Clownfish show up at H20 Aquatics

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You’ve got to love clownfish. With so many species available, it can at times be a bit difficult to obtain a truelly unique clown (You’ve seen the Lighting Maroon clownfish right?). Today, UK’s H20 Aquatics had the honour of taking delivery of an amazing pair of Hybrid Blue Line Clownfish (Amphiprion chrysopterus).

Here’s a photo of the pair at H20 Aquatics awaiting their new home.

hybrid blue line clownfish

Price? A cool £575.

And if you do opt for this amazing pair of clownfish, why not get them a stunning carpet anemone host too, H2O Aquatics has had some beautiful carpets of all colours filling their tanks recently.

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  1. […] shipping to if you want these clownfish and you better bring your checkbook, they’ve got a price tag of nearly $900 […]

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