The Banggai Rescue Project raises $25,000 and still going

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banggaiRescueThe Banggai Rescue Project has successfully reached their target of raising $25,000 using crowd funding via the ever popular Kickstarter website. Although there is still 10 days to go, the money is still pouring in, and you can still help, all you need to do is donate $10 or more to this extremely worthy cause.

“I’m writing on the Banggai Rescue Team’s behalf to let you know that in the wee hours this morning we officially crossed into the “funded” level of our Kickstarter efforts to fund Banggai Rescue. ” - Matt Pederson.

You can donate to this worthy cause via the Kickstarter page.

So what is this Banggai Rescue Project all about then?

“This project will produce BANGGAI RESCUE, an authoritative book in hardcover, softcover, and e-book editions telling the remarkable story of the Banggai Cardinalfish, a beguiling coral reef species at the confluence of fishery issues in developing countries, sustainability, and aquaculture.

A darling of the aquarium trade, this fish connects native fishing families in a remote region of Indonesia with aquarists worldwide, but overfishing and a mysterious virus now threaten it.

Funding will allow an interdisciplinary team, including scientists and an embedded journalist, to mount an expedition to the Banggai Islands to document the story and develop new protocols for the mariculture and captive breeding of this species. The expedition is planned for May 2012, and an experienced publisher has committed to the book project pending funding.”

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  1. Thanks for spreading the good word! I should point out one refinement – we're not seeking "donations" per say – Kickstarter is a funding mechanism for creative projects (like this book), where funding is provided in exchange for rewards. In our case, it ranges from things like a postcard from Indonesia, your name in the book, Karen Talbot Art, on up to things like Signed copies of the book and so much more. I think of all this more as a narrow window of opportunity to do something like pre-order the book, or otherwise get in on the ground floor of an aquarium-related project. These types of things aren't generally publicly talked about or made known to aquarists,which is why the Kickstarter funding option was so intriguing. 8 days left to get in on the action – thanks to everyone who's supporting us thus far!

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