Putting an end to the ‘blue light means slow coral growth’ myth

Lighting | 30th January 2013 | Article by Curvball | 15 comments

It is time to end a misconception in this reefkeeping hobby, blue light does not slow down the growth of corals. Let me say that again, blue light doesn’t slow down the growth of corals. Back in the days when metal halide was king of the lighting arena of our hobby (yes yes, I can […]

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Neptune Systems Apex Controller coming to the UK

News | 23rd January 2013 | Article by Curvball | 1 comments

It seems as if the USA’s number one aquarium controller is due to make it’s debut in the UK thanks to CoralCulture. CoralCulture currently have the controller base units and base packages available for pre-order with stock arriving this Friday. For £599.95 you can secure a base package which consists of  1 x controller, 1 x […]

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Andrew Kwon’s Dymax iQ3 pico reef

Pico Reefs, Showcase | 12th January 2013 | Article by Owlbassboy | 6 comments

I am a big fan of blogging but trawling pico sections of reef forums is my guilty pleasure and I came across this thread by Andrew Kwon on nano-reef.com which really impressed me. It’s a few years off the age Brandon’s pico vase but being in it’s 3rd calendar year is pretty impressive as most […]

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How to start your own aquarium blog (instead of a build thread on a forum)

How to | 3rd January 2013 | Article by Curvball | 16 comments

Awhile back (ok, a very long time ago!) I posted (er, ranted) about the online state of our hobby, since then I’ve received numerous requests about how one actually goes about setting up their own reef aquarium blog. This post has been sitting dormant for sometime but I feel it’s time to share it with […]

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UK’s Aquarium Cabinet Solutions (ACS) shows off ultra white glass

News | 30th December 2012 | Article by Curvball | 1 comments

The difference between normal float glass and low-iron glass (optiwhite, starphire) has long been apparent. For those of us wanting the HD look will never go back to normal glass after using the likes of optiwhite and starphire – the difference is clearly blue and white. However with 2013 upon us, low-iron glass appears to […]

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PolypLab products now available in the UK

News | 12th December 2012 | Article by Curvball | 0 comments

Reef Eden International are the official UK distributors for Canadian company, PolypLab, who are one of the most respected US coral food and additive manufacturers. To mark the entry of this product range into the UK, the first product available to hobbyists is the coral food, REEF-ROIDs. “REEF-ROIDs were originally designed for the scientific community, […]

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