iQuatics makes hanging out even easier

News | 30th January 2014 | Article by Curvball | 0 comments

When it comes to nano reefs finding a light suitable for corals can be a daunting task and once you’ve decided what light you’re going to use you are more than likely faced with another problem – how are you going to get the light above your little reef. Enter the Universal Aquarium Lighting Mounting […]

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Macro coral visual feast

Video | 30th January 2014 | Article by Curvball | 0 comments

This advert for Polyp Lab highlighting their Polyp Booster product is simply stunning. The closeups and time-lapse sequences, the colours – everything combined makes for an outstanding bit of reef aquarium cinematography.

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Tunze powered Aurelia Jellyfish aquariums make their debut

Design, News | 30th January 2014 | Article by Curvball | 1 comments

If the mundane routines of maintaining your nano reef are getting you down and generally making you question why you got involved in this wonderful hobby maybe it is time to change gears and try your hand at some jellyfish keeping. Thanks to the new range of jellyfish specific aquariums by Reef Eden International, keeping […]

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Has Fluval given the hobby the best all in one nano reef system?

Reviews | 22nd December 2013 | Article by Curvball | 6 comments

Awhile back the great people at Fluval sent me one of their Premium Aquarium Kits to review. As this blog is focused primarily at the nano side of our wonderful hobby, the supplied system was the smallest in their marine range, the Fluval M-40. What arrived was two boxes, one containing the tank and equipment […]

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Pacific Sun Pandora S LED/T5 unit review

Reviews | 19th September 2013 | Article by RichardT | 0 comments

Overview 145 watts of LED’s with 2 x 24” T5 tubes. They are both independently controllable with the LEDs spread across 9 individually controllable channels. The LEDS are ( I am not 100% certain as the software shows 9 channels , the website lists 8 different leds) Cyan Amber UV-A – 400 & 420 nm […]

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The beautiful Flower Anemones (Epicystis crucifer)

Corals | 17th September 2013 | Article by Curvball | 0 comments

As Autumn sets in here in the Northern Hemisphere so I’ve been thinking of a nano reef poster child, er, coral. Do you think Epicystis crucifer is worthy of this title? Have you kept a Flower anemone before? “…also known as the Rock Anemone, is a member of the Phymanthidae family. Originating from the Caribbean, these anemones […]

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