New ways to light up for your nano reef

Lighting, News | 17th September 2013 | Article by Curvball | 0 comments

As the LED market continues to move forward, us nano reefkeepers always have new toys to play with. This post aims to give you a brief round up of new lighting type products suitable for our nano reefs and our reef aquariums in general. Coral Box m1 Aquarium Light The Coral Box M1, which resembles […]

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TMC shows off their juvenile captive bred Clarion angelfish

Fish | 17th June 2013 | Article by Curvball | 0 comments

On Friday, Tropical Marine Centre posted a teaser image via twitter of a new fish they got in. Today they revealed this beauty, a juvenile captive bred Clarion Angelfish (Holacanthus clarionensis). Based on previous reports on the web, this juvenlie more than likely originated from Bali Aquarich. Enjoy the video below of this amazing angelfish, which […]

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How big do Turbo Snails get?

Random | 11th June 2013 | Article by Curvball | 2 comments

When we consider critters and other livestock for our nano reefs, we need to consider the adult size of these animals. With clean up crew, we have come to think of them as relatively small animals well suited to our small aquariums. But, there is always that one that can surprise you. The turbo snail […]

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Cherry Corals’ Heaven and Hell Acropora

Corals, Showcase | 31st May 2013 | Article by Curvball | 1 comments

Every so often an amazing coral will reveal it’s to our hobby and probably one of the most amazing colour morphs of recent times has to be Cherry Corals’ Heaven and Hell Acropora. The single image of this colony is striking with the dual colouring. An educated guess would make this particular SPS coral an […]

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My Saturday at Reading’s Maidenhead Aquatics

Reviews | 29th May 2013 | Article by Curvball | 1 comments

About a week back now, I had the priveldge of being invited down to Maidenhead Aquatics in Reading for their Open Weekend. As life goes sometimes, I could only be available for the Saturday, but I did my best to make the most of my time at the shop. I was joined by John from […]

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Abusing the name of named corals

Corals | 28th May 2013 | Article by Curvball | 2 comments

Not much really annoys me in this hobby (ok, that’s a lie…), but what really gets me is the number of vendors and individuals that try sell a coral based on an infamous or famous named coral of the same description. So many times a certain acropora frag has gone up for sale and it […]

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