New cylinder style nano aquariums from FistaFiltration

News | 30th November 2009 | Article by Curvball | 2 comments

David over at FistaFiltration has shared some photos of a new nano aquarium concept they are working on. They are still busy testing them and hope to have them available in the new year. We will post more details about this interesting looking system as soon as we have them.

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Coral reef restoration – BBC’s South Pacific Fragile Paradise

Video | 30th November 2009 | Article by Curvball | 2 comments

An amazing look at how communities in the South Pacific are restoring their beautiful reefs. The coral growth time lapse shots are outstanding. Skip 38 seconds in for the ‘good’ stuff.

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Julian Sprung interview – have American’s led the way for nano reefkeeping?

News | 28th November 2009 | Article by Curvball | 2 comments

Our good friend over at recently published an interview he did with Julian Sprung. Julian has some interesting things to say, but his comment on American’s having led the way in terms of nano reef keeping really got me thinking. Nano reefs and nano aquariums are an interesting trend. They’ve really started to take […]

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The FormosaRay HI-POWER 3W / 5W LED unit

News | 26th November 2009 | Article by Curvball | 0 comments

It’s no secret that the LED aquarium lighting market is really starting to grow, it seems as if a new fixture pops up everyday. While browsing various LED options available, I stumbled across Thortekand must say some of their fixtures look really impressive – look out for the “Sports car type back lights”! The latest […]

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Fauna Marin LED lighting pendant

News | 25th November 2009 | Article by Curvball | 0 comments

Rumour has it that Fauna Marin might be unveiling an all LED lighting unit at Interzoo 2010. There are no details yet – but if these new units are anything like their T5 Star Fire pendants, we’re going to see an amazing high end LED lighting system. Here is hoping they will opt for a […]

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AIMS Coral ID resource on disc – for free.

News | 25th November 2009 | Article by Curvball | 5 comments

Our friends over at recently posted about the return of the AIMS coral database, well, sort of. The AIMS (Australian Instituate of Marine Science) coral database was the most comprehensive online resource of it’s kind but has since been taken down. I for one used it as often as possible when trying to ID […]

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