Diaseris Corals – The Nano Reef Aquarium Coral Collection (part 2)

Corals | 29th March 2013 | Article by Albert Thiel | 0 comments

Similar to the other plate corals, Diaseris sp. are not only much hardier than Fungia and Cycloseris corals but also adapt more easily to one’s aquarium conditions, but the main difference is that they possess the ability to actually frag themselves. Yes, you did read that correctly: they can self-frag! Whereas hobbyists may be familiar […]

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The beautiful coral reefs of paper and acrylic

Random | 28th March 2013 | Article by Curvball | 1 comments

Artist Amy Eisenfeld Genser has given us a new, unique and beautiful look at the coral reefs we so dearly try to emulate in our little boxes of water. These amazing paper and acrylic creations form part of Amy’s latest exhibition at the Architectural Digest Home Show. Now you can imagine that one of these works of art […]

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Maxspect offers new Razor LED unit to G2 owners

News | 26th March 2013 | Article by Curvball | 0 comments

Maxspect owners in the USA are in for a treat. Coralvue, US Maxspect distributor, is running an exchange programme for those users who currently own a Maxspect G2 unit. They can simply swop a G2 unit for one of the new Razor LED units. Each G2-110w or G2-160w entitles to exchange for 1 R420R 120w […]

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CoralCon2013 gets reviewed

Reviews | 21st March 2013 | Article by Albert Thiel | 0 comments

Taking place over 2 days (16-17th March), CoralCon213 marked the second year that this event was organized at the Orlando Fairgrounds, which are a bit spartan, frugal maybe, but very well suited for setting up all the booths, displays and aquariums that are typically part of these type of events, especially since it is not […]

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Jawfish make excellent fish for nano reef aquariums

Features, Fish | 17th March 2013 | Article by Albert Thiel | 4 comments

Jawfishes that are most commonly found in the aquarium trade are of the Genus Opisthognathidae. There are however other genuses, for example: Lonchopisthus Jawfish, Merogymnoides Jawfish, and quite a few more. The latter genuses are however not often encountered when one visits fish stores, or even online sellers. The main reasons appear to be that […]

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Coral: Rekindling Venus

Video | 15th March 2013 | Article by Curvball | 1 comments

Sit back and enjoy this visual delight. Can’t wait to see the full production. More information here: http://coralrekindlingvenus.com   Thanks to @EcoTechMarine.

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