(Re)Introducing aquarist, Albert Thiel, the interview (part 1)

Interviews | 5th February 2013 | Article by Curvball | 9 comments

If you’ve kept your ear to the ground, you will know that a great name in this hobby is making a comeback, so to speak. Albert Thiel is back in the reefkeeping spotlight and is about to unleash the most comprehensive book on nano reefkeeping our hobby has ever seen. Not only has Albert been […]

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100% waterchange timelapse of picOcean pico reef

Pico Reefs | 5th February 2013 | Article by Owlbassboy | 7 comments

I am a lover of all things nano but the things I enjoy researching most are pico reefs and how to sustain them long term, the first person you obviously turn to when looking for info is brandon429 who posts over on nano-reef.com and owns the famous pico vase that we have showed here before. […]

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5 videos of rare Centropyge angelfish

Video | 5th February 2013 | Article by Curvball | 4 comments

If you know your dwarf angelfish, you will know that the following videos show off some of the most rare and beautiful examples of the Centropyge family. Personally, the Centropyge interruptus is my favourite, which is yours? 1. Fiji Blue Midnight Angel – Centropyge Deborae 2. Centropyge Venustus 3. Centropyge narcosis and Centropyge boylei in the wild […]

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Zetlight ZN1702 LED unit six months on

Reviews | 4th February 2013 | Article by Owlbassboy | 0 comments

I have had this light over my picOcean for 6 months now since the initial review I wrote. There has been some great growth from my sps, across all the forums I post on there has been a lot of interest in this little light unit. This unit only packs 11w of power but from […]

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Innovative Marine nano reef goodness now available to UK hobbyists

News | 1st February 2013 | Article by Curvball | 0 comments

The UK nano reefkeeping market is about to get a lot more crowded thanks to ACS and Innovative Marine. The choice of different out of the box nano aquariums continue to rise and with Innovative Marine’s Nuvo range making an appearance in the UK, it would be fair to say making a decision is going […]

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MicMol bring (mini) style to the reef aquarium LED arena

News | 1st February 2013 | Article by Curvball | 2 comments

We recently got word from UK’s Fastlight that they are now distributors of the gorgeous looking MicMol Aqua Mini LED unit. By it’s description alone, a 1.9 inch thin Aluminium uni-body enclosure , this is quite possibly one of the best looking LED units to have entered the market. And the images of this little […]

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