Benefits of a nano reef aquarium

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There are so many advantages to running a small reef aquarium. This post simply highlights one of these advantages. Aren’t you happy you don’t have to employ your gymnastics skills to get into your tank to make any adjustments like Chingchai does on his very impressive 1200g reef.

What other advantages are there to running a nano reef over a larger reef aquarium? Make yourself heard in the comments

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One Response on Benefits of a nano reef aquarium

  1. Albert Thiel says:

    Reduced initial set-up cost, easier and not as time consuming maintenance, easy to place just about anywhere, not difficult to move, better view of what is in the tank, far easier to re-scape when it is needed or to achieve a new look, tank does not look as empty as some large ones do, monthly maintenance costs far lower, and a lot more still IMO

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