How big do Turbo Snails get?

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When we consider critters and other livestock for our nano reefs, we need to consider the adult size of these animals. With clean up crew, we have come to think of them as relatively small animals well suited to our small aquariums. But, there is always that one that can surprise you.

The turbo snail (Turbo fluctuosa) is an extremely useful critter to have as part of your clean up crew, but this specimen from UK’s TMC is probably the same size as a pico reef!

TMC Jumbo turbo snail 1

TMC Jumbo turbo snail 2

(hat tip to TMC via twitter)

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2 Responses on How big do Turbo Snails get?

  1. Al Ulrich says:

    I have never seen one that large. I suspect it has been eating quite well :)

  2. Andrei C. says:

    Impressive. Due to the pointy tip, I wouldn’t call it Turbo fluctuosa (Mexican turbo snail). It looks like those nightmare algae eater snails that can not right up and get stuck in between rocks when they fall tip down. Astrea?

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