First look at MarineReefLED’s Quadspec mini Par20 LED lamp

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I have got my hands on one of the first of these lovely little par20 bulbs known as a quadspec from MarineReefLED(MRL) because of the range of diodes used. This bulb will be used over a tiny project soon but of course I couldn’t get this in the post and not show you the opening and do a little test. Here are some pics showing the unboxing that I know you all love so much.

Quadspec mini MarineReefLED




Before we get onto the mounting of the light here are some specs on the bulb.

  • Black anodised heatsink
  • Longer body for better heat dissipation
  • 5-up lens closer together for better colour mix
  • 60 degree lens (a little tight but good for the picos)
  • 3w LED’s (15w) driven at around 2.1w average so more like 11w
  • 1x 420nm purple/uv
  • 2x 455nm blue
  • 1x warm white 4500k
  • 1x cool white 10,000k

Now onto the fun part of getting it above the tank, thankfully that is easy with the gooseneck from MRL. This is the big gooseneck for the bigger par30/38 bulbs and there will be a smaller gooseneck available at around the same time this bulb is due out. I am going to give this a trial over my picOcean for a while as I love the colour it gives off. Just have to see how the corals respond as the light is quite far away using the bigger holder. Here are some tank shots with the new quadspec mini.

Quadspec mini MarineReefLED

Quadspec mini MarineReefLED

Keep an eye peeled for a follow up and I will let you know what I think of the bulb.

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7 Responses on First look at MarineReefLED’s Quadspec mini Par20 LED lamp

  1. These LED lights are getting better and better and of course smaller, this light i would love to try out on a nano tank i will be setting up soon for keeping a pair of dwarf seahorses in.

  2. Albert Thiel says:

    Looking good indeed and will be watching for updates from those who use it. Looks like a great solution in a compact package for a Nano.

  3. i agree Albert, this would be a good light for a nano.

  4. Albert Thiel says:

    And if needed one could use more than one … of course they are made for 220/240 volt …. so using them in the US may need some tweaking and not sure whether that would affect the output and wavelength/colors … but maybe Brad can comment on this.,

  5. Brad lowes says:

    Hey! – these are actually mixed use, 110v – 240v , no problem at all!…

  6. Les says:

    No problem with the voltage here in the UK of course. :>)
    These do look ideal for a pico although for a nano I think something a little larger and more powerful may be in order esp to tanks that are rectangular rather than cubes. Look good though I have to say for a cube pico.

  7. phhasek says:

    Would this be enough over my 30l (8gal) aquael nano reef? I now have 2 x11W compact lightning (original to the aquael nano reef).

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