Key3 LED unit review. Part 2: video

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Previously I wrote about the Key3 LED unit which was sent to me by nice people of Fish Street. I put together a little video showing you the unit in action. I hope this short film will give you a better indication of what the Key3 unit puts out in terms of light.

(you can watch the video in HD if you visit the vimeo profile page.)

I will be posting soon with 3rd and final part of this review in which I’ll give you same PAR numbers and of course my overall thoughts on this reef aquarium LED unit. Enjoy the video.

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4 Responses on Key3 LED unit review. Part 2: video

  1. […] Look out for part 2 of this review where I’ll talk more about the Key3 LED unit including a video of the unit in action over the ZEOnano. […]

  2. PerNorway says:

    Did you make the prt 3??

  3. Curvball says:

    @PerNorway – I'm afraid I didn't get around to doing a part 3.

  4. simon says:

    i like how the controller/psu has a bigger footprint than ur tank lol cant beat razors IMO

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