Seeing red with MarineReefLED’s Critter Torch

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We see people going on the hunt for that unknown pest somewhere in their tank and we all advise them to look at night with a red torch. That is where I came into a problem, I could never find a red torch when I needed one other than maybe a back light from a bicycle or sticking a sweet wrapper over a normal torch.

This problem has now been solved with a simple little LED torch from MarineReefLED featuring a 660nm red LED and it only costs £4.99. While this is a cheap product it doesn’t feel cheap with a nice red anodised aluminium body and a handy clip so you can hang it up so it doesn’t disappear.

More details on the Critter Torch can be found here.

Critter Torch

Critter Torch

Critter Torch in action

Critter Torch in action


Critter Torch up close

Critter Torch up close

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4 Responses on Seeing red with MarineReefLED’s Critter Torch

  1. Al Ulrich says:

    Great idea. I've actually never seen this advice before (to use a red light to find critters after hours). Great tip. I'm going to get one and see what I can see at night. I have used a regular torch (call them flashlights in the US) but of course anything hit with the bright white light either freezes or runs away. Can't wait to use the red.

  2. Albert Thiel says:

    True finding a red flashlight or a piece of red transparent plastic to put on the front is not always the easy solution but is LED seems to be the the answer to what we need. Great idea to market one. +10 for sure

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